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schooner-contrast - color correct a single raster image.


schooner-contrast in.tif out.tif


The schooner-contrast tool attempts to automatically color correct a landsat image. It uses two algorithms, the first is CLAHE (Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization) which attempts to color correct an image while improving the local contrast of the image.

The other is simple histogram stretching and clipping. The tool calculates a histogram by band, and stretches the raster values to the range 0 to 255. It also discards the top and bottom 0.05% of values.


Unlike landsat-util, schooner-contrast does not perform gamma correction. If you are working with landsat 8 images it is probably better to use landsat-util's builtin color correction.

If you are working with older landsat data, or data from sensors like MODIS, schooner-contrast works acceptably well.


schooner-blend(1), schooner-cloud(1), schooner-multibalance(1), schooner-stitch(1)

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  3. schooner-contrast(1)